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Typically, the process requires filing IP forms, performing translations of the patent specification in some countries (full or part), paying official fees and fulfilling any additional formalities in accordance with the prescribed deadlines and requirements in each country.

Let's talk Going through the validation process yourself for your European Patent in multiple countries simultaneously is a complex, time consuming and expensive procedure.

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At this stage, we will also give you a detailed estimate of the likely cost of proceeding in each of the designated countries you wish to proceed.

Successfully going through the prosecution and grant stage has allowed you to obtain your European Patent (EP).

Next step is to get it validated in each country where you seek protection, which requires time consuming and burdensome translations formalities.

A copy of the text for the patent proposed by the EPO is attached to the communication, often including amendments proposed by the Examiner.

A deadline is set for the following acts: This deadline is inextensible.


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