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The song has been covered by many different artists.In 1976, Gainsbourg directed Birkin in an erotic film of the same name.There are some who want to help others arrive at the point.Welcome to the world of “Gaining,” a sexual fetish that celebrates bloated bellies and the process of fattening up.In short, it arouses." --Teddy Wayne, NPR"This new edition reminds us how this revolutionary epic had an impact on the sexual liberation of women." --"Le Parisien Magazine""Hedonistic, joyful and much more fresh than Fifty Shades of Grey." --"Marianne""Emmanuelle is not just sex; it is an eroticism that is vintage, oneiric, utopian, and tender, an optimistic and radiant eroticism." --"lepoint.fr""An unrestrained erotic novel, replete with details of the author's sexual experiences and erotic philosophy.Emmanuelle Arsan has launched an all-out one-woman crusade to liberate mankind from the sexual taboos that have woven themselves into our moral nature and end up by ruling us through unjust laws." --"Panorama" (Italy)"Emmanuelle writes nearly as well as the Divine Marquis [de Sade], and shows the same penchant for philosophy." --"Le Nouvel Observateur""Emmanuelle's eroticism is not pathological, unlike the eroticism of revolt.Several more novels were published under the Emmanuelle Arsan moniker, including "Emmanuelle II." Anselm Hollo (translator)wrote more than thirty books, including the essay collection "Caws & Causeries" and "Notes on the Possibilities and Attractions of Existence: New and Selected Poems 1965-2000," which received the San Francisco Poetry Center's Book Award for 2001.His translation of Pentii Saarikoski's "Trilogy" received the 2004 Harold Morton Landon Translation Award from the Academy of American Poets.

The sex scenes are interspersed with abstract musings about the nature of sex. the book's argument reverberates beyond the erotic.

It’s hard to gauge just how many members the gaining community has, as no official statistics on the subject exists, nor is it a topic commonly seen in academic literature.

But there are other telling signs that the fetish has a dedicated group of follows.

Before going further into the subject, however, some relevant vocabulary should be introduced.

The Lingo“Gainers,” or “feedees” are the individuals putting on the weight.


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