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The USGS said a second quake, of magnitude 5.9, struck nearby a few minutes later, also very deep.

The head of Peru's emergency services, Alfredo Murgueytio, said the quake and an aftershock hit the Amazon region.

Creflo Dollar’s World Changers International Church in College Park."At this point there are no reported damages," he said. Several residents of the Brazilian city of Brasileia, 247 kilometres east of the epicentre, told Reuters they felt the ground shake and that chairs and tables rattled during the quake, but that there was not visible damage.A representative of mining company Southern Copper, one of Peru's biggest copper producers located in Southern Peru, said operations were undamaged. Widely touted as one of the world’s culinary hotspots, the country – and Lima in particular – offers an array of exotic tastes to appeal to curious palates, as well as a laidback, vibrant dining scene, ranging from backstreet cevicherías to gourmet restaurants.And in the big cities, you can expect buzzing nightlife too.chaturbate roulette is the only chat roulette service that is genuinely free!


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