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Yippee, the Facebook fans page for Brainiac finally has 50 fans!

Initially only a few of my friends had joined, and I could not get much momentum going especially since I am very careful who I call a friend.

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ranks each dating service by providing individual reviews and listening to feedback from users.

She’s an Emmy Award-winning writer, Emmy-nominated TV host and a best-selling author, but look up Teresa Strasser on and you’ll see she’s the “hot Jewish broad on the Adam Carolla show.” Now she has brought her incomparable wry wit and poignant perceptions to Phoenix, where her syndicated cable show, “The List,” uses that very thing to look at daily consumer issues and the hottest news trends.

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In our Q&A with Teresa, she calls Adam Carolla “a genius.” Can that possibly be because of his complimentary comments about her LA Times best-selling book, Exploiting My Baby: Because It’s Exploiting Me? The toll pregnancy and birth have taken on her marriage, career, psyche and cervix are all laid bare for your info-tainment.She has earned three Los Angeles Press Club Awards and a Simon Rockower Award (from the American Jewish Press Association).Rob Eshman, editor of Los Angeles Jewish Journal, notes: “Teresa is a natural storyteller, and an honest one.On their website that say that 100,000 IM (Instant Messenger) speed dates are done each day, but it says nothing about webcam dates. I believe that the technology is there, perhaps even for the Iphone, but there is not the marketing to make it work, and the blatantly fake women profiles I saw on their site just confirms my suspicion. IM dating is nothing interesting, I don’t care how many they have per day. I just encountered a useless placement of my ad on the Google Ad Words Content Network: This was on on some rubbish post that I found when searching for the term “smart singles”. Maybe the Ad Words content network is useless anyway, I’ve never really been successful using it, except for tracking down potentially interesting sites to target directly.Ad Words also placed a plenty of fish ad at the bottom of this page, so they’re not just wasting my placements.The Relationship Company provides dating and match making service to Singles. Start meeting quality local singles, The Relationship Company attracts quality single adults who are serious about You don’t have to be a sugar daddy or a benefactor to spoil someone.


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