Ananda lewis dating maxwell

Maxwell went on social media and basically told the world about his girlfriend, former 106 & Park co-host Julissa Bermudez. I don’t know why he felt the need to defend what’s for him.

People feeling he needs more of an A-list girlfriend.

Really, truly understand that this man was private.What was more, his recurring theme of romantic monogamy set him apart from the vast majority of his bump`n`grind lover-man contemporaries.Maxwell was born May 23, 1973, in Brooklyn, NY; he adopted his middle name as his stage moniker, keeping his real identity a closely guarded secret out of concern for his family`s privacy.In a pre-taped segment, Chris interviews people in Harlem about whether they like golf, and plays a game himself.Chris and Whoopi plug each other's books and make small talk.The 40-year-old seemingly couldn't believe his luck at having landed such an amazing beauty - despite the couple having been linked for the past seven months - snapping away on his phone as Deimante Guobyte paraded around in front of him in a tiny purple string bikini. Singer Maxwell seemingly couldn't contain his excitement at being joined by bikini-clad girlfriend Deimante Guobyte at Miami Beach on Tuesday, capturing every moment with his camera phone Crouching slightly to get the perfect shot, the star - real name Gerald Maxwell Rivera - definitely proved that he's a bottom and legs guy as he zoomed in nice and tight on her lower half to capture her pert derrière in all its glory in her Brazilian thong.


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