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Guests examined the history of slavery and freedom in 19th century America through the life and writings of Frederick Douglass.After escaping slavery, Douglass wrote Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave and spoke frequently on the abolitionist lecture circuit.First, the Millennial generation that Swift belongs to, and speaks on behalf of, has been so socially isolated by helicopter parents and yet so propagandized by the mainstream media and the educational establishment that "queers are normal just like us," that a 25 year-old female could be so pathetically clueless as to think that one of them would have a change of heart... Young women in the '80s sought to become savvy and streetwise, not naive and stunted.

Word about the plan gets out to the whole school, and before long many more kids have signed up.

I find apps like Facebook and Instagram fascinating because they bring to light our surprising psychosocial quirks.

In my opinion, no app has revealed more about human psychology over the past year than the mobile dating app Tinder.

All the kids have fun, doing things they never would have been able to do with adults watching, but it soon becomes difficult to keep the camp a secret...

Notable as the film debut of Jessica Alba, who appears as one of the campers.


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