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Chris Kattan Revives ‘Night at the Roxbury’ for First ‘DWTS’ Performance!(Video), Chris Kattan is a contestant on Dancing With the Stars this season and he paid tribute to his fan favorite film A Night at the Roxbury for his first dance of the season!Getty Images DON' T MISS Broadway Show's Producers Aren't Buying Piven's ' Mercury Poisoning' Excuse Jeremy Piven Officially Getting Sued Jeremy Piven doesn't think mercury poisoning is a laughing matter.The Entourage actor was chatting with Chris Kattan backstage at Alexa Chung's MTV talk show on Thursday when Kattan quipped, "So, what are you here to promote, your Broadway play?

The three-part series finds Kattan playing an exaggerated version of himself as he decides to give up on the frustrating world of Hollywood and travel to India in an attempt to prove his mettle as a star. It’s not mean, it’s not making fun of another person. It’s his journey in Bollywood, wanting to be a hero on screen but ending up being a hero in real life. I guess ) Y’know, I think there’s a part of me that’s very funny that I don’t even know about, that I’m just finding, that’s not physical.

" Piven, of course, dropped out of the play in December, citing mercury poisoning as his reason -- and he's...

Read Full Story After only eight weeks of marriage, former Saturday Night Live Star Chris Kattan, 37, and model Sunshine Tutt, 31, have announced their seperation.

He gift wrapped the ring in a present, added Usmagazine."She is so kind, sweet and very beautiful.

She's also very funny which always is a great thing.


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