Avira not updating windows firewall Sex chat noemail

I'm not sure about Avira in particular, but I've seen this occur with F-Prot Anti-Virus, Mc Afee Anti-Virus, Norton/Symantec Anti-Virus (many times), Clam Anti-Virus, and AVG Anti-Virus.

Neil Rubenking served as vice president and president of the San Francisco PC User Group for three years when the IBM PC was brand new.

I have to suggest to them to look up for anti-spyware, or at lease a better antivirus.

But still, for goodness sake, one of my schoolmates have been complaining about their laptop have virus that AVG can't detect.Is there an alternative in getting the updates, or is there a way to fix the update module of Anti Vir Personal?If you visited the forum link that Rod provided, you will find info on how to get manual update for Anti Vir: See topic: Hello, I really can't figure out what's wrong with my avira because after I click start update the dialog will say status:scanning for updates but only the time moves and then after a few minutes the status will say: error in file download.I repeated the process many times and I still can't update my version. He has difficulty understanding English, which is why I have to help him out.


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